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Michael and I discuss who we think is reading GBH and why; how conversations and beer culture have changed over the years, and how they’ve also stayed the same; our role in media and the beer industry at large; why making people mad is inevitable, and why it’s sometimes important; how balancing heady—and crucial—topics like racism against more lighthearted narratives sparks surprising, and sometimes dangerous, responses from readers; what stories have surprised him; and the ones he still wants to te
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Today I’m talking to Michael Stein, the author of a recent piece from our Source Material series, “A Lager Darkly — In Search of Culmbacher, One of America’s Great, Extinct Beers,” published on March 17, 2021. In his story, Michael explores the largely forgotten Culmbacher beer, originally from...
Published 06/16/21
Two of the writers who have extensively covered the story of craft beer's #metoo moment and its fallout are Beth Demmon and Kate Bernot. In this episode of our collective series, we’ll hear from both of them about what it means to report on these kinds of stories, how to tell them fairly and...
Published 06/11/21
What does it take to succeed in one of the country’s most competitive markets for craft beer? That’s at the core of this conversation with Sam Pecoraro and Tom Cook of Portland, Oregon’s Von Ebert Brewing. You’ll hear us banter about whether that future includes a comeback for English Mild, a...
Published 06/06/21