Humility is often confused with timidity but they are not the same. Humility looks at a risk worth taking and says “I am not perfect but I will try”. Timidity looks and says “I am too afraid. I cannot do it.” One plays with a consciousness of their frailty. Another just doesn’t play at all. Here are 3 ways to know if you’re playing small out of fear.
Published 10/18/21
The “take what you can get and call it enough” is not enough anymore. If we are not satisfied we will say so. Silence, fake consensus simply won’t do… respectfully. 😏
Published 09/28/21
All things, even good things come to an end. How do you leave? Scorching the earth, burning bridges and breaking hearts? Could there be a way to leave the spaces that once nourished you without feeling like a combatant or experiencing a sense of guilt? Let’s explore healthy decoupling and separation in this 2 parts conversation.
Published 09/20/21
Do your goals turn you on? The same stimulation you need to pursue a potential mate - fantasizing about them when you rest your head on your pillow or the eagerness to shoot your shot and see what happens next - is the same stimulation you will need to chase those goals with discipline, passion and consistent action! Look at your goals and be honest - do they inspire you? Do they stimulate you? Do they turn you on?? Of the answer is NO then let’s do something about it!
Published 09/13/21
Is it all a blur? Not sure what to do, where to go next? When we are confused we either freeze and not take any action OR take the mad ants approach. Neither extremes work for your goals. Here's how to tackle confusion and seek out clarity even in the whirlwind of decisions, disappointments and expectations.
Published 08/24/21
When we face difficulties we tend to forget who we are and the power we have. You are not powerless, in fact you have more power than you give yourself credit for so let me remind you of that beautiful #GodEssence 💥 Power ❤️ Love 🧠 Sound mind I hope this reflection blesses you tremendously! ✨
Published 08/16/21
By the age of 10 Mojiba had lost both her parents and was separated from her siblings after being adopted. She chronicles the journey, from death, depression and a painful divorce and leaves us with life lessons on how to heal and return to our whole selves no matter how far away we may have drifted. Subscribe to our Good Gas Mondays Podcast for more conversations that fuel your mind, stir your courage and embolden your spirit!
Published 08/02/21
Rape, Bulimia, Sickled Cells and a diminishing sense of worthiness...that is the backdrop of Daniellia White's story but she has found her cure, her renewal, wings. She shares her story of butterfly-like metamorphosis in this Phoenix Story Conversation.   Subscribe to our Good Gas Mondays Podcast for more conversations that fuel your mind, stir your courage and embolden your spirit!
Published 07/19/21
What happened to you?  Things we experience as children, especially if they cause deep emotional scars, greatly impact our personality. Who we are today reflects in part the trauma of your youth and the courage we had to summon (then and now!) to overcome life's biggest challenges. Stephany Staple shares with us in this episode how she survived a childhood of disappointment and allowed to teach her how to show up for herself.
Published 07/06/21
Financial Well being matters. Money isn’t everything but it has the ability to ruin our sense of peace. If you’re making any of these three mistakes you may be sabotaging your financial future. Here are some strategies you may put in place immediately to recover ground and set a solid foundation for you and those depending on you.
Published 06/29/21
What do you do when it gets difficult? Life, like the weather has its seasons and sometimes the season is cold, hard, dry and fruitless. We can’t have summer all year long and since we know the tough times are a must it makes so much sense to prepare ourselves for the guarantee of struggle. So, what do you do when it gets difficult? Do you ignore the hardships or honour the struggle? In this episode we talk struggle and how to find your wings in the whirlwind.
Published 06/25/21
Are you involved in a toxic relationship? It’s not always clear cut but there are a few ways to tell. You can choose to salvage or to purge yourself entirely but first define the boundaries and standards you wish to honour (and have honoured) in those relationships.
Published 06/08/21
Where have your habits brought you? Is this where you wanted to be? If you're not satisfied with where you are the same habits can be used to change direction and #LevelUp. Don't give up on yourself just yet...change is possible with simple and consistent action. In this episode I share how I am honouring my body in this season with the help of Stacia Davidson. You can find out more about her Raw Food Challenge by clicking the link...
Published 06/01/21
Get decisively engaged for the next 30 days and watch your life transform. It requires three critical steps and a cautious avoidance of two dangerous magnetic pulls but it is possible! In this episode we explore HOW
Published 05/25/21
Are you feeling discouraged and unclear about the goals you're working on? Not sure if you want those wins? Or just feeling ashamed that you haven't made any progress on them as yet? Let's use those feelings as an opportunity to review and rescue our vision of excellence for ourselves this year. Ask these three questions and figure out whether you want to push harder or push it aside!
Published 04/05/21
How are you handling the false start? Or the "bad start"? The goals we have will push us outside of our comfort zone and it won't be easy to start, much less start strong. But, that's not a good reason to give up! Here's how I handle "bad starts" and build momentum. Remember, you don't have to be perfect to be a high performer.
Published 02/27/21
The Upper Limit problem can see is sabotaging ourselves even in times of abundance! When you are in your harvest season...reap responsibly.  Here are a few things to remember in your Harvest Season: 1. Don’t get lost in the praise at harvest time. Make sure you celebrate your harvest with the right people and celebrate your win with the right attitude. Gratitude, Grace and a spirit of giving matter. 2. Sankofa - Go back for the wisdom. Allow your experience and that of others to inform...
Published 02/23/21
It's been 50 days! Who would've thunk it!??? I suppose my diet coach Danishka WIlliams would've thunk it but that's what coaches do...believe in the victory before it comes so they can train you to chase it! In this Friday top-up I share with you 5 life lessons I've learned as a 50-day old vegan (is there a badge for that!? There really should be!) and the great thing is they are sure to have value for me in other life circumstances.  It’s discomfort not death! Prepare your table A...
Published 02/19/21
We’ve got work to do and it’s simply not enough to “plan” to do it.  We fail to start because of our mindset. Nothing more, nothing less. Our head just isn’t in the game. Are you repeating any of the 3 Mantras of the Failing Farmer? Are you honouring the laws that every successful farmer submits to? I this episode the explore the principle and the actions you can take immediately get out of “I plan to” and into “I’m planting” mode. Subscribe so you never miss an episode; share with your...
Published 02/19/21
Every door was made to be opened. Don't give up just yet...keep knocking with confidence, patience and faith. You are a warrior! Keep fighting for the life you want.
Published 02/16/21
We all have goals and ambitions. Wanting them, talking about them, envisioning them...that's easy. Doing the work in a diligent and disciplined way is a whole other story. Harvest Principle #2 is my favourite of the 4 Principles because it is a clear call to ACTION. #GiveTheSeedWhatItNeeds🙌🏾🙌🏾 What does the seed need though? 🤔 Let’s get real honest. Let's plant better.
Published 02/10/21
You can’t plant grass and expect to reap oranges. You can't cheat the Harvest. What you put in is what you'll get out. The Principles of the Harvest must be honoured. 🤔 Are you struggling to figure out what to invest your time and energy in? 😣 What’s the next move? What’s the best choice? 😢 What to nurture and which strings to cut? 😟 How to identify the purpose and serve it responsibly? 😔 Or maybe you don’t trust yourself enough to make good decisions because you’ve made some bad ones...
Published 02/02/21
Do you love what you do? If the answer is “NO”, let’s change that to “not yet” until you hear what Lisandra, former CEO of the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship has to say. You can love what you do while building something you’ll love even more. She has a system that helps to find or build a job that matches your personality (intelligent job hunting) and how to honour your 9-5 as a cocoon before you move to entrepreneurship.
Published 11/23/20
Could you serve with excellence while homeless? At age 30 Roxroy McLean has seen the best and worst that life has to offer and remains excited and hopeful! A father of two (and mentor to fathers across Jamaica) he tells us his story of vulnerability and tenacity.
Published 10/19/20