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Humility is often confused with timidity but they are not the same. Humility looks at a risk worth taking and says “I am not perfect but I will try”. Timidity looks and says “I am too afraid. I cannot do it.” One plays with a consciousness of their frailty. Another just doesn’t play at all. Here...
Published 10/18/21
The “take what you can get and call it enough” is not enough anymore. If we are not satisfied we will say so. Silence, fake consensus simply won’t do… respectfully. 😏
Published 09/28/21
All things, even good things come to an end. How do you leave? Scorching the earth, burning bridges and breaking hearts? Could there be a way to leave the spaces that once nourished you without feeling like a combatant or experiencing a sense of guilt? Let’s explore healthy decoupling and...
Published 09/20/21