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The Deadcast celebrates the 30th anniversary of 1991’s “Infrared Roses,” the last original Grateful Dead album (with cover art by Jerry Garcia & track titles by Robert Hunter) & explores the band’s MIDI years.
Published 12/23/21
We uncover the secrets of the Grateful Dead’s legendary tape vault with archivist David Lemieux, from LSD alchemist Owsley Stanley to the making of the Betty Boards, from “Dick’s Picks” (& Dick Latvala’s own home recordings) to the 10th anniversary of “Dave’s Picks.”
Published 12/16/21
We examine the emergent interdisciplinary world of Dead Studies & pay a virtual visit to the annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, hearing presentation excerpts from a spectrum of musicologists, historians, psychologists, and more.
Published 12/09/21