What could make AI conscious? with Wojciech Zeremba, co-founder of OpenAI
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Wojciech joins us to talk the principles behind OpenAI, the Fermi Paradox, and the future stages of developments in AGI. --- Wojciech Zaremba is a co-founder of OpenAI, a research company dedicated to discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence. He was also Head of Robotics, where his team developed general-purpose robots through new approaches to transfer learning, and taught robots complex behaviors. Connect with Sean: Personal website: https://wojzaremba.com// Twitter: https://twitter.com/woj_zaremba --- Topics Discussed: 0:00 Sneak peek and intro 1:03 The people and principles behind OpenAI 6:31 The stages of future AI developments 13:42 The Fermi paradox 16:18 What drives Wojciech? 19:17 Thoughts on robotics 24:58 Dota and other projects at OpenAI 33:42 What would make an AI conscious? 41:31 How to be succeed in robotics Transcript: http://wandb.me/gd-wojciech-zaremba Links: Fermi paradox: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox OpenAI and Dota: https://openai.com/projects/five/ --- Get our podcast on these platforms: Apple Podcasts: http://wandb.me/apple-podcasts​​ Spotify: http://wandb.me/spotify​ Google Podcasts: http://wandb.me/google-podcasts​​ YouTube: http://wandb.me/youtube​​ Soundcloud: http://wandb.me/soundcloud​ Join our community of ML practitioners where we host AMAs, share interesting projects and meet other people working in Deep Learning: http://wandb.me/slack​​ Check out Fully Connected, which features curated machine learning reports by researchers exploring deep learning techniques, Kagglers showcasing winning models, industry leaders sharing best practices, and more: https://wandb.ai/fully-connected
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