Wild card - Welcoming winter and letting go
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The theme of the Wild card is represented by a lilac in winter. With all its leaves shed, it’s a reminder to let go without any need to hurry up the growth of spring. Rest is essential. And there is a sacredness to waiting.  Thank you for your support. We are experimenting with new ways to engage with our listeners. Find us on all social media including discord at https://discord.gg/XxZj4k3T  Leave us a message on our Gratitude Hotline at 510-866-9648 or at [email protected] We want to hear from you! 
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Published 05/23/22
Sometimes life makes you pause in profound ways. This is what happened to Liz Childs Kelly, a writer, host of the Home to Her podcast, Sacred Feminine researcher and educator. At a business conference, Liz stopped in her tracks and made a profound pivot in her life. She left the corporate world...
Published 05/23/22
This week we explore different paths to social emotional learning, somatic healing and emergence. How do we stay open to change and adapt to it?  Find encouragement to practice with the Gratitude Blooming cards in our metagarden community on discord: https://discord.gg/MeRrhxKax4 We appreciate...
Published 05/16/22