333) David Boarder Giles: A mass conspiracy to feed each other
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How do we make sense of the contradiction of having both excess food and food insecurity at the same time? And how do counterculture movements like Food Not Bombs prefigure the alternative worlds that are possible? In this episode, we welcome David Boarder Giles, the author of A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People: Food Not Bombs and the World-Class Waste of Global Cities, and an anthropologist of food, waste, cities, and social movements who teaches at Deakin University in Melbourne. He focuses on the relationships between economy, identity, and affect or feeling, and his writing is largely organized around three intersecting topics: the role of abject economies in global cities, globalized efforts at municipal governance, and emergent networks and counterpublics cultivated within those abject economies. For him, these are the topics that are the most interesting and the most pressing. // The song featured in this episode is Allergic by Lil Idli. // Green Dreamer is a community-supported podcast and multimedia journal exploring our paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalization, and true abundance and wellness for all. Find our show notes, transcripts, and newsletter at GreenDreamer.com. *Our episodes are minimally edited. Please view them as invitations to dive deeper into the topics and resources explored.
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