335) Emma Bedor Hiland: The digitization of mental healthcare
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What have been the shortcomings of the various technologies promising to make mental health care more accessible? And what does it mean to maintain a sense of humanity in our systems of care—in a world where therapeutic support of different forms is increasingly digitized? In this episode, we welcome Emma Bedor Hiland, Ph.D., the author of Therapy Tech: The Digital Transformation of Mental Healthcare. As a feminist scholar, she brings an intersectional approach to analyses of the social and cultural effects of media and new technologies. Her work explores questions of what it means to live well, to be happy, and to pursue health. The song featured in this episode is A Woman and The Universe by Lara Bello. Green Dreamer is a community-supported podcast and multimedia journal exploring our paths to collective healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all. Find our show notes, transcripts, and newsletter at GreenDreamer.com. *Our episodes are minimally edited. Please view them as invitations to dive deeper into the resources and topics explored.
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