347) Kai Bosworth: Mobilizing through pipeline populism
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"That neoliberal, technocratic environmentalism is also what we would call depoliticizing... it avoids the more transformative types of policies or solutions that extend outside of the policy realm and are necessary for confronting the climate crisis as we recognize it today." In this episode, we welcome Kai Bosworth, a geographer, political ecologist, and Assistant Professor at the School of World Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University. He is the author of Pipeline Populism: Grassroots Environmentalism in the 21st Century, which examines pipeline opposition movements in the central United States and the ways in which they have transformed the politics of climate justice. Kai researches affect and emotion, radical politics, and materialism, as well as the ways in which space, ecology, and nature are enrolled in social projects of oppression or liberation. (The song featured in this episode is Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution by Father John Misty.) Green Dreamer is an in(ter)dependent, community-powered podcast. If our work has inspired you, please consider reciprocating a gift of support to help sustain the show:  GreenDreamer.com/support
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