361) Micha Rahder: Thinking through the ecology of knowledges
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“We are all pretty familiar with the concept of the ‘biosphere’, which is the ‘living layer’ of the earth. The ‘noosphere’ is the ‘thinking layer’ of the earth that grows in and from that biosphere. It includes human thought and activity but is also much more than that.” In this episode, we welcome Micha Rahder, the author of An Ecology of Knowledges and an independent scholar, freelance editor, indexer, and writing coach living in North Carolina. Her research and writing address environmental themes ranging from forest conservation in northern Guatemala to extraterrestrial futures. (The musical offering in this episode is Everyday Magic by Luna Bec. The episode artwork is by Xiao Mei.) Support our in(ter)dependent show: GreenDreamer.com/support
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