Madison Sinclair
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Dan and Madison Sinclair (Game of Clones, Steve, Comedy Central Roasts) discuss the Whole30 diet, white sauces, and spicy tuna over crispy rice. Sponsor: EveryPlate - get your first box for just $1.49 per meal at with code GREENEGGS149 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 11/30/22
Dan and Godfrey (Soul Plane, Original Gangsters, Zoolander) discuss organic foods, why comedians are similar to chefs, and terrible vegetarian substitutes. Sponsor: ZBiotics - get 15% off at with code GREENEGGS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 11/30/22
Here's a re-release of the first episode of last year's History Bites, in which Dan dives deep into the world of Thanksgiving. Want to know why it's on the fourth Thursday of November? Interested in how turkey became a thing? Need to know how the abomination of sweet potatoes and marshmallows...
Published 11/23/22