­čĺŽIrrometer vs Hygrometer, Solenoid Switches, and Irrigation Needs for Different States, with Michael Box
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*Tampa Class THIS WEEKEND! Living Soil Masterclass with Queen of the Sun is coming to Tampa THIS SATURDAY- grab your tickets today and use code CAST for $10 off* The man with the mat is BACK! Great friend of the show Michael Box joins the program again for an update on all things Sustainable Village. Michael gives us an update on his bottomless pot tech, and how the team is still dialing in cap mats to work with this interesting plug and play soil bed style. This leads to a conversation about new BluMat technology, where they are allowing the carrots to trigger a circuit to activate a solenoid switch- allowing for a high outflow of water for irrigation... Michael discusses the new irrometers available on his website, and how they differ from a traditional hygrometer - being far more accurate at measuring actual soil water tension, but also far more delicate and frail. Finally Michael also gives us a little history lesson when it comes to the BluMat system, and highlights a story where the owners visited his headquarters all the way from Austria! *Code GROWCAST is now LIVE AGAIN for a LIMITED TIME at www.sustainablevillage.com - grab yourself a Blumat now while they're on sale, use code GROWCAST for 10% off!* *PROUD NEW PARTNERS: Pulse Grow Room Monitors, industry leader in grow room data and monitoring! Visit www.pulsegrow.com and grab their Pulse One or Pulse Plus to UPLEVEL your grow room tracking! Receive alerts, analyze data, and improve your garden with data driven strategies!* *Photontek Lighting - High efficiency, magnetic, water resistant grow lights! Use code growcast to save 10% on some of the most powerful and efficient lights around!*
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