Companionship can be found. It can be lost. It can be simulated on television.
Published 05/19/21
Trigger warning!: This is about that time you were at that place and you were pretty sure everybody wondered if you were actually invited to be in that place and the whole time you felt like everybody hated you and you still can’t confirm that they didn’t. Enjoy!
Published 05/10/21
The entire Grownups Are Lucky content production team dug down deep to put together several minutes of wildly unnecessary verbage.
Published 04/20/21
We’re still at it. And we still have no idea what it is. But also it is you, listening, and then saying to yourself, “They are still at it, and I have no idea what it is.”
Published 04/12/21
It’s all a sad loop. It’s always been like this. Enjoy!
Published 04/05/21
You’d be surprised who people think you look like in another part of the world where people don’t look like you.
Published 03/13/21
The weather waits for no grandma.
Published 03/06/21
This week’s episode includes a bad German accent, unsolicited life advice, and a puzzle!
Published 02/26/21
This week’s story can’t be bothered. If you want this thing in your living room you’re going to have to do the heavy lifting yourself.
Published 02/18/21
When you find yourself asking yourself, “what is the worst that can happen?” the answer is probably lots of terrible things.
Published 01/18/21
Some people go places and then things happen to them and those things are bad for them, but not necessarily bad for their predators.
Published 01/12/21
All the elves are on furlough, so this is the best we could come up with, and let’s be honest, it’s a disappointment, but you’re used to that by now.
Published 12/25/20
There is a lot of space in space.
Published 12/12/20
Here is a story about a depressing sounding place where a kid is asking questions and his stuffed friends are doing their best to give some sound advice.
Published 12/02/20
Oh man, maybe things are getting better, but are they not also getting worse? Mathematically speaking, really bad + f*****g horrifying + inhuman - a few bad people perhaps temporarily = still very bad.
Published 11/24/20
A shallow dive into a divided America.
Published 11/17/20
Oh no he didn’t. Oh yes he did.
Published 11/10/20
This one guy walks into a bar.
Published 10/19/20
This is a story about how the author is afraid we’ll all soon be dumb and afraid and nobody will remember how to make electricity.
Published 10/08/20
Dumb stuff blurs along in shapes and sounds you reassemble in your imagination because it’s a gift your brain gave you, and because you’re bored, and secretly anxious and fed up and scared and tired and nearly deceased. Enjoy!
Published 09/21/20
It’s so hard to buy things and feel like a winner when buying things makes you feel like a loser.
Published 09/06/20
The new normal is still the old normal which under normal circumstances will probably end in our extinction. But think of the clearance sales!
Published 08/26/20
Are we still doing this? What is this? When is tomorrow? Who ordered this pizza?
Published 08/11/20
We used to think we couldn’t wait to have a little time alone.
Published 07/31/20
An unusual engagement announcement springboards off of speculation on butterfly coitus.
Published 07/12/20