Cognitive Bias and Invisible Racism - How It Affects You, and Others
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Did you know that you might have discriminatory beliefs without you even knowing?! Learn more about such invisible, unconscious beliefs (cognitive biases), their impact, and exercises to demonstrate the result, impact (and more) in this episode of the Growth Philosophy podcast.  What you will learn:  What are cognitive biases  How you might be biased without knowing My personal experience of discrimination/racism What 95% of people said when they were asked to imagine a typical drug user (research) What thinking well is (not) about Post your questions & comments on the website, or my twitter. Note: There is a blooper! But since the aim is to do one-take shows, it's left there. What do you think, does it make any major impact on the podcast, and your enjoyment of it? Let me know. Topics: Cognitive bias, Unconscious bias, Psychology, Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Prejudice, Equality, Diversity, Thinking better, How to think better, Subconscious, Critical thinking, Antiracism, Antiracist, Discrimination, Colorism, Fairness, Fair treatment, Human rights, Humanism, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Mindset, Growth mindset, Self awareness, Tough questions, Common sense, Examine your thoughts, All lives matter --- Send in a voice message:
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