New Bull Market or a Bear Market Rally? 8/8/22
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Frank Holland and the Investment Committee debate whether this market rally is a sign of a new bull market or just a bear market rally. Plus, we discuss the historic inflation reduction bill just pass in the Senate, what will it mean for buybacks and shareholders? And later, BTIG’s Jonathan Krinsky joins us to discuss some key levels for the S&P you should watch out for.
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Stocks rally as the UK government intervenes. Scott Wapner and the investment committee live at Delivering Alpha to debate if stocks are anywhere close to bottoming. Plus, Apple sinking on reports it plans to drop production increases for its iPhone. What this could mean for the markets and tech....
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Scott Wapner and the Investment Committee debate if the Fed has gone too far, too fast and whether it will it cause stocks to crash and the economy to tank. Plus, Brian Belski of BMO Capital joins us to reiterate his belief that the S&P will end higher on the year. And later, the Committee...
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