Caroline Lucas: Parliamentary politics or direct action?
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Stephen Sackur speaks to Green Party of England and Wales politician Caroline Lucas. She’s the party’s only Westminster MP, but she’s decided to quit. Is that because putting the planet first is never going to be a pathway to power?
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Published 12/04/23
Stephen Sackur speaks to the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Jasem Albudaiwi. The Israel-Hamas war has sent shockwaves through a region that’s been ‘normalising’ relations with Israel. Could the Gulf states be destabilised by the conflict in Gaza?
Published 12/01/23
Stephen Sackur speaks to Philippe Lazzarini, head of UNRWA, the UN’s refugee agency for Palestinians. He is just back from Gaza where the temporary truce gave him a chance to assess the scale of the humanitarian crisis. With Israel vowing to resume its war on Hamas, could Gaza soon be unliveable?
Published 11/30/23