Season 3, Episode 13
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Episode 13 (Minutes 2:00:05 to THE END): This week wraps up this chaotic movie and finishes the mission Dumbledore had given HP and Hermione. We discuss our feelings about this movie overall and Cory breaks his microphone when he explains the giant missing plot points that Lupin could have offered (please excuse the crackling..). Stay tuned for a post-credit scene with an again patient Cory trying to teach Andrea how to pronounce long A’s…sigh. Thank you again for listening this season! Tune in next week for the Bonus episode where we watch the deleted scenes!
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Episode 8 (Minutes 1:12:12 to 1:22:53): This week floats us into the Yule Ball and we have a LOT to say. Thankfully, we have our lovely guest Brian with us to help us break it all down from the costumes to the decor to the theories on the background teens. Who is McGonagall talking to saying...
Published 01/12/22
Published 01/05/22
Episode 7 (Minutes 1:02:45 to 1:12:12): This week picks up at the end of the first task and has us wondering what happened to the corpse of the Hungarian Horntail?? As well as so many other questions about this chunk. We argue over Hogwarts merch and how friends and brothers actually make up...
Published 01/05/22