Season 2, Episode 15
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Episode 15: (Minutes 2:21:11 to END) This week finally puts us out of our misery as this long movie comes to a screeching halt in the last few scenes. We get excruciatingly slow deliveries of lines in Dumby’s office as well as a revelation in what Lucius actually starts to say to Harry in the hall (spoiler-not trying to kill the kid. We were shocked, too). Join us for the last few moments of cheese in the final chunk of this movie and join us for the bonus episode (deleted scenes!) next week!!
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Episode 8 (Minutes 1:09:45 to 1:19:12): This week continues the Patronus lesson with Lupin where Harry plays with flames and talks about his imagination. We truly enjoy so many moments in this chunk and start wonder if last week’s guest @itspaulwarren made us like this movie again?! How dare you!...
Published 09/22/21
Episode 7 (Minutes 59:01 to 1:09:45): This week we have a special guest joining us in Hogsmeade! We had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Paul Warren about the large amount of nonsense in this jam-packed chunk; including what are the candy machines in HoneyDukes and why can’t Hagrid go to The...
Published 09/15/21
Episode 6 (Minutes 48:15  to 59:01): This week runs around the moving staircases and out of that chaos into the Great Hall sleepover. We HAVE to talk about page 394, the soaking wet quidditch match, and the overall sassiness of the Whomping Willow in this elaborate 10 minute chunk… Join us next...
Published 09/08/21