Season 3, Episode 11
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Episode 11 (Minutes 1:40:00 to 1:50:00): This week transforms Professor Lupin into “WereLupin” and throws us into some chaotic scenes. We are joined by our lovely guest, Brock in North Carolina, who helps us take apart these 10 minutes with some great insights. We discuss Snape’s age, werewolf teacher protocol, and is Dumbledore a little too happy to send these kids on a mission?? Join us next week for minutes 1:50:00 to 2:00:05! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with HP and Hermione seeing themselves go down to Hagrid’s.)
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You know what time it is, it's the season-ending Bonus/Boner episode! We watched the 4:30 minutes of deleted scenes on YouTube and had a few feelings about them...just a few. Enjoy the nonsense and, as always, thank you so much for listening!  We will be back with Season 4, Movie 4 very...
Published 11/03/21
Episode 13 (Minutes 2:00:05 to THE END): This week wraps up this chaotic movie and finishes the mission Dumbledore had given HP and Hermione. We discuss our feelings about this movie overall and Cory breaks his microphone when he explains the giant missing plot points that Lupin could have...
Published 10/27/21
Published 10/27/21