The Library Window
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When Annie spends the summer at her Aunt Mary’s home in St. Rules, she becomes transfixed by the window across the way. Every time she looks at it, it reveals something new. But is any of it real?
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A childless woman who is curious about motherhood gets more than she bargained for when she takes care of her old friend’s children… and a ghostly presence monitors her every motherly move.
Published 05/06/21
Wayne Simmons had a dramatic 27-year career with the CIA taking down cartels and busting arms smugglers — or did he? The ex-CIA military analyst and cable news star stands accused of being a fraud. Hosted by the reporter who broke the story, Impostors follows the investigation into who Wayne...
Published 05/03/21
In this folk tale from Mexico City, a rich and powerful Don moonlighting as a serial killer confesses his crimes to a priest. The penance he's given appears surprisingly light, but the punishment is far more twisted than he realizes.
Published 04/29/21