FODMAP diet (Part 2) Update months after starting the low FODMAP diet
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This is part 2 of this podcast’s previous FODMAP episode the link between gastritis ibs and fodmaps part 1 -- where we went over the basics of the diet: FODMAP’s are found in certain types of foods, more specifically in certain types of carbohydrates that ferment in your digestive system. In short, FODMAPs do not come from just one food group like say vegetables. They come from a variety of them: they’re found in veggies, fruits, some types of breads (usually with gluten), artificial sweeteners and some types of cheeses. Fats do not have FODMAPs. Unless pieces of high FODMAP foods were added to them. Like olive oil with actual garlic pieces – not to be confused with infused garlic flavor which is fine and contains no FODMAPs. But do careful gastritis sufferers, as fat is usually not our best friend! I want to remind you if you’re not familiar with the diet that the FODMAP diet does not have the purpose to lose weight. A large amount of diets tend to be for weight loss but this diet is for wellbeing and digestive comfort. Maybe as a bonus by eating foods that your body tolerated, you will lose weight. Or at least bloat. My bloat definitely weights on the scale. This episode is also available as a blog post:
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