I feel like i am carrying this alone
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According to Samuel Luchemo happiness is found in doing what you love. He is a Mental Health advocate, Entertainment Enterpreneur, Film Producer, Casting Director and  Copyright Consultant.He mentors young people to maintain a positive attitude towards life and to work as well on their Talents and fulfill their dreams while having a healthy mental state. In this Episode we spoke about what ignites Depression and the possible solutions to apply at different levels, as well as how to be a mental advocate.
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Published 01/12/22
In this Episode Samuel Luchemo gives a variety of option on how to keep and guard your mind with positivity.When we learn to accept who we are, we will be less surprised about what other people think of us, how you handle yourself in different settings determines how you will deal with other...
Published 01/12/22
Surgeon General C. Everett Koop once said, “Drugs don't work if patients don't take them". I was humbled to host Dr.Martin Jakob, a Physician at Schwetzingen Intensive Care Unit Department. In our discussion, it was noted that the more the  patient is involved in their therapy plan, the...
Published 11/30/21