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With humans set to spend more time in spacer, one of the physical things to overcome will be gravity, and it's very important for how our bodies work. We hear frequent stories of mental health issues, but there is more investment in services, so are services effective or overwhelmed? An...
Published 11/21/22
There's been talk of changing the packet size of paracetamol tablets, to reduce the self-harm of overdose—but it would be better to investigate and remedy why this harm occurs. The idea that society—as well as an individual—is responsible for this 'health literacy' is central to a new World...
Published 11/14/22
How analysts are making health data safer | Linked health data can see the bigger picture of healthcare use  | Clinical trials need more clarity on the kind of harms incurred | Donating mitochondria may mitigate the risk of some genetic disorders—but it's not a given.
Published 11/07/22