The Friendship Episode—How To Make (Best!) Friends As An Adult, Deal with Conflict & Friend Breakups, Diversify Your Friend Group & SO MUCH more ft. @broccyourbody & @olive.eeeats, friendship coach @friendforward, and my own BFF
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I’m SO excited about today’s episode, which is all about friendship. I think we spend a ton of time thinking about relationships and trying to be the best partner possible, and while that’s SO important, platonic friendships are ALSO incredibly important and really under-discussed. This episode is a celebration of friendship, and also is jam-packed with advice ABOUT friendship, including Carissa Stanton (@broccyourbody) and Olivia Noceda (@olive.eeeats) on: * the story of how their friendship began * their best advice for making friends as an adult * how to build the intimacy to turn a friendship into a BEST friendship * why allowing for awkwardness is so important in building friendship * how they've made their long distance friendship work * how to get over hurt feelings when friends move * how they deal with jealousy (over money, relationships, etc) in their friendship * where they get their incredible confidence * what they love most about each other Plus, friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson (@friendforward) answers all of YOUR friendship Qs, including: * the number one thing people do wrong in friendships * exactly what to do with friends you disagree with (about COVID, politics, their choice of partner, etc)—and how to know when to cut things off * how much your friends should be similar to you versus expanding your bubble * how to diversify your friendship group—including Danielle's secret tip for bringing more Black people into your friendship circle * how to break up with a friend (including whether she recommends ghosting) * an exact script for dealing with conflict with friends * her best tips for making friends as an adult that aren't lame (both virtually and in real life!) * how to stay close to friends in different seasons of life (friends with kids versus none, or single versus married) * what to do when you wish your partner had more friends Finally, my own bestie, Gretchen Lidicker (@gretchen.amanda) joins me to chat about: * our personal friendship story * our secret to fast-forwarding intimacy in friendships * how to deal with anxiety and chronic illnesses in friendships * Gretchen's genius tips for long distance relationships * how to use a time audit to improve your friendships * their best tips for making new friends, including what to actually do together I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the episode! Screenshot and tag me—I’m @lizmoody— and my guests and share your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. I’d also so love and appreciate it if you shared it with your own bestie! PS: Have you snagged my Foodie preset pack? You can get all 8 presets, designed to make your food pics look as good as they taste, at PPS: Healthier Together is officially a number one best-seller! You can get your copy on Amazon or at  Please keep sending me your creations on Instagram—they make me so happy! This episode is sponsored by Garden of Life, who just released their insanely delicious Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. I love how supportive they are of my immune system and gut health—if you snag a bottle using my link, it lets the brand know you found them through me, which I massively appreciate and it costs you nothing extra. Link: This episode is sponsored by LifeSeasons, a company that makes amazing supplements for gut health, inflammation, immunity, and many, many more, including my beloved allergy blend. Go to a href="
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