Thriving Through Anxiety—Alex from The Defined Dish on How Having Kids Impacts Anxiety, Fear of Flying, and the Books and Practices that Help the Most
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Today, we have a brand new episode of Thriving Through Anxiety featuring the lovely Alex Snodgrass. Alex is the NYTimes best-selling author of The Defined Dish and the upcoming The Comfort Kitchen, and the woman behind the hugely successful blog and Instagram The Defined Dish. On this episode, we talk about: her anxiety journey how having kids impacted her anxiety  her thoughts around medication and anxiety how she manages her anxiety-related vertigo the books, tools, and practices that have helped with her anxiety the most  what she eats to help with her anxiety how she helps her husband and friends help her through harder times  how social media and cancel culture impact her anxiety the FIRST thing you should do to feel better when you're feeling anxious exactly how she overcame her fear of flying Whether or not you have anxiety, I hope you’re touched by Alex’s amazing story. I’d love to hear thoughts you have as you’re listening, so definitely screenshot and tag @lizmoody and @thedefineddish. PS: My Patreon is live! You can join Green Smoothie Society and get access to ALL of my green smoothie recipes and advice AND you can subscribe to A Very Moody Morning, my brand new morning show podcast, which drops once weekly and features casual, fun convo, super intimate Q&As, and more. Get all the deets at This episode is sponsored by Seed, the makers of one of my all-time favorite supplements. Their Seed Daily Synbiotic is a game changer—it contains both pre- and probiotics, survives INTACT all the way into your gut, AND contains the most studied and powerful strains of probiotics out there. You can get 15% off of your first month’s supply of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic by going to and using the code LIZMOODY. This episode is sponsored by Kyoto Botanicals, the first CBD brand I’ve recommended on this podcast! Right now, I’m loving their Breathe tincture, which is lemon ginger flavored and massively helps with my anxiety, and the Warmth balm, which is so helpful for headaches and sore muscles. You can get a whopping 25% off your order (AND they always have free shipping!) by using the code “HEALTHIERTOGETHER” at This episode is sponsored by Paleovalley, who make incredibly high quality supplements. If you’d like to check out their Turmeric Complex, Vitamin C, Neuroeffect, or any of Paleovalley’s other amazing products, head over to and use the code LIZM for 15% off.  Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.
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