Episode 13 - The Secrets of Great Evaluations with Rachael McNidder
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Are you listening? REALLY listening? Sounds familiar? The podcast is back after a small hiatus and say hello again to Rachael, our club champion, and the area champion for evaluations. Today’s podcast is an educational from Rachael herself. How can you give better evaluations? Listen to Rachael as she gives us all the secrets to deliver better evaluations, from the champion herself. Find Rachael at: https://www.pursuit-coaching-development.co.uk/ https://summit-humanpotential.com/
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Some people hate it, others like myself are fans of PowerPoint.  In this  podcast, I walk you through my tips on how to create a visually  impactful PowerPoint presentation.
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Our guest this week loves to compete. He was our club president. He won best Heart of England speaker multiple times and has distinguished himself at the area and division level. Steve Day is here to share his insight on competing at the club level and beyond. He is an engineer, an artist, and a...
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