Jack Kornfield shares how we can apply parenting wisdom to our personal spiritual practice to heal and train our inner child. This dharma talk was recorded on Jan 1st, 1988 at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and originally published on Dharma Seed. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
Published 09/18/21
Reflecting on our intrinsic Basic Goodness, Jack outlines how acceptance, trust, meditation, and faith in the heart can help us navigate life’s 10,000 joys and sorrows.
Published 08/28/21
With a little help from Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan, Jack Kornfield explores the Seven Factors of Enlightenment and how we can all become impeccable warriors.
Published 08/03/21
In this timeless dharma talk from 1977, Jack Kornfield explores working with wisdom, power, and knowledge on your spiritual path, and why it’s so important to walk the Middle Way.  This Jack Kornfield talk from December 1977 at the Insight Meditation Society Retreat Center was originally published on Dharma Seed.  This episode of Jack Kornfield’s Wisdom Hour is brought to you by BetterHelp. A professional counseling service done securely online. An affordable and convenient way to find the...
Published 07/13/21
In this dharma talk from 1986, Jack Kornfield explores a few truths about life that are really all we need to know, and how our direct experiences of these truths lead to freedom.   This Jack Kornfield talk given at Spirit Rock in 1986 was originally published on Dharma Seed.  See our Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and our California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
Published 06/24/21
The Alan Watts Organization and Be Here Now Network have come together to bring you a new podcast series that dives deep into the Alan Watts Archive’s 100-hour collection of talks.  This Monday, June 7th, discover for yourself why Alan Watts has continued to inspire generations of seekers with the Alan Watts Being in the Way podcast.  This exciting new series is hosted by Mark Watts, Alan's son and archive curator. Mark and his guests share Alan Watts’ inspirational work that poetically...
Published 06/04/21
Sharing a guided meditation and dharma talk, Jack explores the transformative power of Mudita – our innate sympathetic joy – through the childlike wonder of the Buddha. This meditation & dharma talk were originally streamed live by Spirit Rock on 4/12/21. For more livestreams, meditations, & offerings, visit Jack's Youtube & JackKornfield.com
Published 05/26/21
In this dharma talk, Jack Kornfield explores seeing the world with the heart of wisdom and what it means when we rest in the One Who Knows. This dharma talk was originally live-streamed by Spirit Rock on 2/8/21. 
Published 05/06/21
Offering timeless wisdom, Jack Kornfield elucidates pertinent lessons on the topics of freedom, gratitude, trust, and the buoyancy of hope. In the adjoining talk to last episode's 'Just Like Me' Guided Meditation—from a November 23, 2020 Jack Kornfield & Friends session from Spirit Rock‘s ongoing Monday Night Dharma Talk & Meditation—Jack shares pertinent wisdom on to aid the trying times we find ourselves in. Offering lessons learned of freedom, he shares the example of Nelson...
Published 04/13/21
In this episode, Jack Kornfield leads his 'Just Like Me' guided meditation, a practice designed to work past our individual differences by seeing through the eyes of wisdom and heart of compassion. Heralding from a November 23, 2020 Jack Kornfield & Friends session from Spirit Rock's ongoing Monday Night Dharma Talk & Meditation, Jack offers a potent guided meditation inviting us to work past our individual differences by celebrating our similarities and seeing the world through the...
Published 03/24/21
In this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack Kornfield explores how conflict is natural for human beings and covers the Buddha’s seven-step process of reconciliation.
Published 03/03/21
On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack Kornfield leads a guided meditation that focuses on the practice of deep listening as we breathe love in, and breath love out. 
Published 02/10/21
In this dharma talk, Jack Kornfield offers wisdom and inspiration amidst the chaos of today’s world and explores how suffering is not the end of the story, but the beginning.
Published 01/20/21
In this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack shares poems and stories to help us bask in the wonder and mystery of life, meet cosmic pain with compassion and reflect on gratitude.
Published 12/29/20
In the face of these divisive times, Jack Kornfield offers some timely wisdom on equanimity, karma, maintaining a vast perspective and planting the seeds of goodness.
Published 12/09/20
In this dharma talk, Jack Kornfield explores why it’s so important to listen with the heart, both to yourself and to others, during these very chaotic and divisive times.
Published 11/19/20
Jack Kornfield explores how the Buddhist concept of Right Effort is about the effort to be present and bring more loving awareness to ourselves and the world around us.
Published 10/30/20
In this much-needed dharma talk, Trudy Goodman Kornfield and Jack Kornfield share their wisdom on working with polarization, and how we can all quiet our minds and steady our hearts. Trudy Goodman Kornfield, Ph.D., is a Vipassana teacher in the Theravada lineage and the Founding Teacher of InsightLA. She also teaches residential retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center, and Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, among others. Learn more...
Published 10/09/20
Jack Kornfield leads an equanimity meditation to help us be steady and balanced in the midst of constant change, then follows with a meditation that goes straight into the heart of compassion.
Published 09/18/20
Jack Kornfield shares a talk about the medicine that the Dharma might offer us during these turbulent times, explores the power of speaking truth, and reflects on the world's need for love in action.
Published 08/28/20
In this timely dharma talk, Jack discusses how the combination of compassion and equanimity gives rise to a peaceful heart.
Published 08/07/20
In this post-election dharma talk from 2016, Jack offers spiritual sanctuary and human possibility to a zeitgeist of fear, anger, and uncertainty.
Published 07/21/20
In this talk, Jack illuminates how the history of racism and prejudice in this nation directly contradicts our instilled ideals of freedom and independence.
Published 06/26/20
Jack Kornfield explores the need we have right now for acts of truth, and shares some timeless teachings to help us in this time of pandemic. 
Published 06/05/20
If you enjoy the Heart Wisdom Podcast, we think that you will enjoy this special look at the relationship between food, ourselves and our practice with Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein and Ram Dass. You can subscribe to Ram Dass' Here and Now Podcast in your podcast player to receive regular talks and guided practices from the Ram Dass archives.
Published 05/28/20