Michael Yo tells us why he makes people laugh at his WORST moment
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Michael Yo is a comedian, actor, radio & talk show host and he talks to Heather about how he ended up spending eight days in the ICU after getting Covid. Michael also tells us what it was like going on America's Got Talent and his experience working with the Kardashians Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Coastal: Now and for a limited time they’re offering our listeners the BEST DEAL they have going ANYWHERE - 30% OFF your FIRST PAIR of GLASSES at COASTAL.COM/HEATHER Songfinch: Songfinch is offering 20 dollars off ALL personalized songs at SongFinch.com with code HEATHER . Strands: Visit strandshaircare.com today to order your Strands Starter Set. Use code DUBROW for free shipping. Madison Reed: Listeners get 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING on their first Color Kit with code HEATHER.
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