Ep 65: Untying the Noose ft. Zule
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On today’s episode of Hell Has an Exit, Bryan sits down with his friend and recovering addict Zule.  Zule opens about the depths of his internal struggles. By the time he was 12, he was already wrapped up in a world that would quickly lead him down a path of self-destruction.  Ultimately, it was Xanax that he turned to try and fill the emptiness he was feeling inside. Eventually Zule found himself in a place so dark that he felt the only way out would be by taking his own life.  Tune into this inspiring story of how Zule found his exit from hell. From staring death in the face, to his “miracle moment”, Zule’s story is truly a power of hope for anyone struggling to see the light. For more info, please visit unitedrecoveryproject.com or call  tel: 833-699-9395 To watch the full interview go to https://youtube.com/c/HellHasanExit Follow on Instagram & Twitter @hellhasanexit @united_recovery @dbpodcasts Produced by dbpodcasts.com Music by Miles M. Davis
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