Eduardo Briceño on moving from mindset to action
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We all have something we’re trying to improve. Whether you’re learning how to code for work, getting into the guitar in your downtime, or just building a better workout routine, cultivating a growth mindset is what helps you get there. A growth mindset is the belief that any person’s abilities can be improved by diligent practice and learning. Our guest today warns us of the phenomenon where we focus so much on performing this ability, we forget to build the little skills on the way. His book The Performance Paradox: Turning the Power of Mindset into Action describes this phenomenon and helps us navigate it successfully. In this episode, he sits down with Jessi to discuss learning cultures and the steps we can take to work smarter rather than harder. Follow Eduardo Briceno on LinkedIn and check out his book here. Follow Jessi Hempel on LinkedIn and order her debut memoir.  Join the Hello Monday community: Subscribe to the Hello Monday newsletter, and join us on the LinkedIn News page for Hello Monday Office Hours, Wednesdays at 3p ET.  To continue the conversation this week and every week, join our free LinkedIn group for Hello Monday listeners
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