Episode 2: Paul Grieve
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“Farm like it’s one hundred years ago, yet deliver like it’s two years from now.” — Paul Grieve Paul Grieve calls himself a grass farmer. But, Pasturebird- the company he cofounded with his family in 2012-  has rapidly become the largest pastured poultry operation in the nation. Pasturebird is a company to watch because it challenges the idea that pasture-raised, sustainable, humanely-handled meat can't be done on a large scale. Paul and his family are out to prove that it can, and that it can be done well, yielding the best tasting chicken around. In this episode, Paul and I talk about: his first chicken slaughterthe start of Primal Pastureshis decision to build Pasturebird and thoughts on wholesalethe argument that sustainably raised meat can't feed a growing populationhis thoughts on the future of sustainable agricultureNot to miss moments: I get Paul's opinion on the quantity of meat consumed by the paleo communityPaul does a mini speed round explaining the true meaning behind federally regulated chicken labels that consumers encounter at the store Permalink
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Published 08/07/17