‘Paradise’ S8 Week 1 with Aubrey Gordon
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Bachelor in Paradise is here!! Season 8 of the franchise’s most fun spinoff is premiering just in time for fall. What’s more autumn than dating in bikinis? Here to join us for the first day on the beach is Aubrey Gordon, host of the podcast Maintenance Phase!
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This week, we dive into the emotional wreckage left behind by this season of Bachelor in Paradise. The finale brought us a couple truly romantic endings, but even more misery.
Published 11/23/22
This week, Eliza chases after Justin, some new women hit the sand, Gabby and Rachel dish some dirt, and Becca and Thomas throw a Sadie Hawkins dance – because women’s equality is important. We’re back to two episodes this week. So let’s not waste a single moment!
Published 11/16/22