Girl, Look at that Body
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In this episode of Heterophobic, we tackle the topics of bodies and desire. We talk about what it is to inhabit a marginalized body, fat liberation, disability, and our various queer and trans identities. We also talk about what its like to dress our bodies, and how personal style is complicated by, and intersects with, queerness and fatness. We also play another game of Horse/Bird/Muffin, and for the first (and last) time, play a round of "how far can you L-Word?"
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In this episode of Heterophobic, we cover some of our most formative, and most embarrassing, queer media touchstones. We talk about queerness and gender in media, and we take a walk down memory lane through a deep dive into Netflix's old Gay and Lesbian section. We're also bringing you two NEW...
Published 01/23/19
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In this episode of the Heterophobic podcast we talk about all things food related! We cover social justice as it relates to food, and questions of bodies, queerness, desire, and the racialization of the healthy/unhealthy dichotomy. We also talk about food media, our dream meals, build our ideal...
Published 12/05/18