Hey, How'd You Get That Music Job???
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www.larielmusic.com @larielmusic In this 70th episode, I say a fond goodbye (for now!) as the podcast goes on hiatus, and I share a "cliff notes" version of everything I've learned doing this podcast about the music biz and how to be successful in your music career!
Published 02/06/21
In this 3rd episode of Season 2 of "Hey, How'd You Get That Music Job???" I welcome Dr. Susan Rogers, staff engineer for Prince during the making of Purple Rain, Sign 'o the Times and other iconic recordings, about her incredible music career journey, from working with superstars to becoming a...
Published 07/01/20
Mojo is the epitome of an indie musician: self-taught, self-supported and and a big part of the indie music community. He's co-host of the weekly Indie Music Podcast, the host of the popular weekly #DIYMusicChat on Twitter, a recording artist, music review blogger, songwriter, producer and...
Published 05/05/20