Christmas Classics 2022: Coming Soon!
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Christmas Classics is back, baby. And this year Emily and Barney are gifting you with three amazing movie reviews: The Santa Clause, The Polar Express* and (curve ball) Lindsay Lohan's Falling For Christmas! The festive mini-season will start from Monday 5th December! So subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts. *whoever voted for this in our Instagram poll is getting coal. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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After 10 years, the Vice President of Atmosphere* Lindsay Lohan is back in a brand-new Netflix movie, Falling For Christmas. It's now up to two local yokels (Emily and Barney) to record a review! This podcast is a perfect snuggle-up-with-a-cocoa show, and is dedicated to all of the people who...
Published 12/19/22
Published 12/19/22
Today we’re discussing the Tom Hanks Christmas animation - The Awful Express!!!!! *coughs* sorry…The Polar Express!!!!! Barney’s dreams have come true with this one, whilst Emily’s back hurts from just looking at all the bad posture this movie has to offer. All aboard! Pro Tip: best listened to...
Published 12/12/22