#83: Kiss Your Clone!
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We finally answer the age old question, would you kiss your clone? Also we hear a new commercial for car keys, meet the most unexpected emotional support animal and we introduce TWO NEW SEGMENTS! Pull over to the side of the road and get ready to show your license and riddle-stration! It's Hey Riddle Riddle! #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Logo by:  Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris Want more? Get Weekly Bonus Eps on Patreon!
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The creator and co-host of the show, Adal Rifai, has died today. We honor his final wishes by playing a new version of his gameshow he created just for this podcast; hosted by his best friend and creation Puzzbot. We may also try creating some retrofitted riddles if we're feeling up to...
Published 04/01/20
We are back to one of the most hated riddle books that we've ever used and we couldn't be happier about it! So prepared to get very angry and also learn about dog blood transfusions, high school hierarchy, offers you can't refuse, and we have a brand new Erin theme song challenge that's sure to...
Published 03/25/20
In this weeks episode, Erin reads annoying riddles that we are all going to PRETEND WE LOVE! The crew gives their thoughts on “The Circle” and “Love is Blind” and talk about their dream reality shows. Adal and JPC are BOTH called up to Riddle Court! Two pilgrims try to get into heaven, Batman...
Published 03/18/20