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With the CRB verdict delivered on where Oscar Piastri will drive in 2023, Jawad shares his thoughts on the outcome of the resolution as well as unpacking an intriguing Dutch Grand Prix. Do please find all of Jawad's writing, live blogs, photography and just his general being through this Linktree. Please check out F1 Chronicle and their Grid Talk podcast for their plethora of F1 content and amazing team of people.
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Recapping the final F1 race of 2022, Jawad looks back at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and all the little battles that panned out to finalise the championship standings. Another small tribute to Sebastian Vettel as he hangs up his helmet and a look ahead to the Adelaide 500. Do please find all of...
Published 11/22/22
Lots to talk about from the São Paulo GP, as Jawad recaps Mercedes' first win of 2022 and the tension between Red Bull teammates. Also some chat on drivers that deserve a race ban, before looking ahead to the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Do please find all of Jawad's writing, live blogs,...
Published 11/17/22
Published 11/17/22