David and Jon ring in the new year and talk bees and beekeeping in 2018.
Published 01/10/18
David and Jon discuss pollination. The biology of it, and how bees are involved in the reproduction of so many other species.
Published 12/06/17
Other products from the hive!
Published 11/29/17
David and Jon discuss sime new advances in honey bee knowledge and research that has been highlighted this week at the Entomological Society of America meeting.
Published 11/08/17
David and Jon talk about continuing your beekeeping education.
Published 11/01/17
David and Jon discuss rearranging combs in our bee hives. Should we? When, where and why? Why not?
Published 10/25/17
David and Jon talk about honey bees and beekeeping, and answer your questions live on the air. This week, your hosts continue their discussion about rearing quality queen bees.
Published 10/11/17
David and Jon discuss the all-important queen bees and why every beekeeper should try raising their own (Part 1 of 2).
Published 10/04/17
Master Beekeepers David and Jon discuss bees and beekeeping, and take your calls and questions live on the air. This week, they discuss fall colony management.
Published 09/27/17
Are you a bee-keeper or a bee-haver?
Published 09/20/17
David and Jon discuss honey bee nutrition throughout the year.
Published 09/13/17
David and Jon discuss some of the reasons that bee colony behaviors seem to change over the course of a season.
Published 09/06/17
Jon and David continue last week's discussion on marketing quality honey and hive products.
Published 08/30/17
Honey! Honey! Honey! Harvesting, handling, bottling and marketing tips.
Published 08/23/17
David and Jon discuss removing feral colonies from trees and structures.
Published 11/19/14
David and Jon discuss alternative and biological control options for beekeepers: nematodes, fungi, pseudoscorpions, and predatory mites.
Published 10/16/14