The Secret Life of an Influencer: Part 2 #9
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Back by popular demand - it is Part 2 of The Secret Life of an Influencer. Charleen and Ellie answer even more of your questions about the job, including if influencers are conscious of being recognised in public, the worst hate comments they have received and sharing their thoughts on working with fast fashion brands. Also, we bring you an extended version of one of your favourite segments of the podcast, Secrets From The Stalls. How should you approach your ex (with a new girlfriend!!), who keeps texting you? Or what to do if you are spotting red flags at an early stage of seeing someone? And let's discuss the age-old questions of which is more important...looks or personality?!
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Charleen and Ellie are back to answer even more of your dilemmas in this bonus episode. Should you give your ex his festival ticket back, when you broke up after buying it? Should you text someone that you're missing? Why is your boyfriend not inviting you to things? And what to do if your fella...
Published 05/23/22
Charleen and Ellie are reunited in the studio after 3 weeks and there's lot to catch up on, including Charleen's cosmetic procedure in Turkey, and Ellie's longer-than-expected stay in New York. There's also some dilemmas to be answered, including deciding if you're boyfriend is taking advantage...
Published 05/18/22