Hold My Bollox Christmas Special Part 1 #11
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When podcast worlds collide...for a Christmas special! You know the Hold My Drink podcast is your safe space to talk about life, relationships, dilemmas etc. This week, it is not so safe as the rowdy bunch are in from the Talking Bollox podcast - it's Terence Power and Calvin O'Brien! What better men to answer ALL the questions that girls are too afraid to ask guys, such as...Does body count or the number of exes matter? Do guys care about body hair? What's the definition of "seeing someone"? Do guys check Snapchat scores or a girl's location? What is "post-nut syndrome"? Find out the answers to all of these and so many more in this Christmas special. In a plot twist of events, Calvin teaches Charleen some German as part of German Word of the Week. You'll find out where you can get the best spice bag in Dublin. And, since it's the festive season, let's settle the age-old question of the best tin of chocolates. We had so much to talk about with the guys that we're going to have part 2 for you next week.
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