#40: Robert Scott Wildes (Filmmaker - 'POOR BOY' with Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon)
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Award-winning filmmaker Robert Scott Wildes, whose debut feature ‘POOR BOY’ starred Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon and SHAMELESS actor Justin Chatwin, talks all things about his daily writing routine and his filmmaking journey. First crucial takeaway from this conversation? Fake it ’til you make it. You’ll have to listen though for what exactly that means in this context. Amongst many other top pieces of advice, Robbie gives incredibly specific and valuable insights into being a professional storyteller that would benefit anyone adopting the journeyman’s lifestyle. Listen to the end of this recording as we break down in minute detail what he ‘thinks’, ‘feels’, ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ , as well as memorable anecdotes about how he has secured financing, nabbed a top cast, and his key relationship with personal-development.
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