#28 ANDREA MARCUM - Senior US Yoga Teacher and Author
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Andrea Marcum (@andreamarcum) has been teaching yoga for over 20 year and in those years she has; opened a yoga studio, taught trainings for the famous YogaWorks studios, travelled the world teaching and wrote Close to Om; Stretching Yoga from Your Mat to Your Life. Andrea believes our yoga mats are magic carpets to look into our lives and that integrity lives in the way we do the simplest of things. WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT Coping online as a yoga teacher through lockdown /// Being a studio owner without wanting to be /// Creating an online community /// From gymnast and cardio gym bunny, to student of stillness /// The challenges of writing a book and facing multiple rejections /// Finding ways to be authentic on social media /// Creating space for creativity to flow in /// Appreciating the things that matter most SHOW NOTES Quotes and references can all be found at www.honestlyunbalanced.com AFFILIATE CODE THEHUSLERS GETS YOU 10% OFF LIFORME YOGA MATS THE HOSTS Adam Husler (@adamhusler) and Holly Husler (@iamhollyhusler) The Huslers have online platform for yoga classes, sound journeys, meditations and more. Explore at thehuslers.com
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