#30 DYLAN WERNER - Renown International Yoga Instructor and Author
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Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga) is a renowned international yoga instructor and author. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and deep understanding of eastern philosophy lends a unique perspective to his teaching methodologies. Former US Marine and Iraq War veteran turned firefighter/paramedic; Dylan left his career to pursue a life of mindfulness, dedicating himself to helping others in their journey towards a more peaceful, harmonious life. WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT The power of intention /// The benefits and goals of meditation /// The science behind breathwork and how it can bring more balance /// From fire-fighting paramedic to global yoga teacher /// Letting go of being a people pleaser and needing affirmations from others /// Having a positive impact on the world /// How there is no right or wrong way to define yoga OR How the definition of yoga evolves over years of practice /// Advice to new yoga teachers and what makes a good teacher /// Goals vs planning SHOW NOTES Quotes and references can all be found at www.honestlyunbalanced.com AFFILIATE CODE THEHUSLERS GETS YOU 10% OFF LIFORME YOGA MATS THE HOSTS Adam Husler (@adamhusler) and Holly Husler (@iamhollyhusler) The Huslers have online platform for yoga classes, sound journeys, meditations and more. Explore at thehuslers.com
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