#35 PUNNU WASU - Musician, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Grand Master
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Punnu Wasu (@punnuwasu) is an Indian vocalist, musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was born and raised in Hyderabad into a family that has a true love for Kirtan (devotional music) and spirituality. He began studying harmonium and singing at the tender age of 5. At age 10, he moved on to learning the Hindustani (Indian Classical Music) while traveling with his father throughout India singing the beautiful verses of Kirtan. Later on, his knowledge of mandolin and tabla became his focal point. Nowadays he performs Kirtan, Xtatic Kirtan, Indian Fusion, Indian Classical music, Sufi, Bollywood music as well as Sound Healing around the world. He has his own Kirtan Academy Bhakti Bliss as well as Sound Healing Academy and also leads music workshops in combination with yoga & meditation. From early age Punnu was interested in learning and practicing meditations. He has studied with different masters all over India, Indonesia and Philippines. He shares his vast knowledge and experience of more than 35 years in his meditation classes, workshops, Meditation Teacher Trainings, Advanced Meditation Trainings and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings all around the world. Furthermore, he is a Reiki Grand Master offering Reiki Trainings, Spiritual Awakening courses, Holistic Healing Sessions, Spiritual Counselling and is co-founder of the Bhakti Bliss Fest which is a festival of meditation, yoga, music & dance in the mountains of Switzerland WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT -Chanting as food for the soul -Keeping the ego in check -The gift of going within during lockdown -Quitting the business world to pursue passion for healing -Reaching higher consciousness in meditation -What is enlightenment? -Deities representing aspects of ourselves -The 8 step process to spiritual awakening -Advice for making a life change -‘God’ is what you want him/her/it to be 10% off Liforme yoga mats with code THEHUSLERS (we get commission) Code HonestlyUnbalanced30 gets 30% off any packages on thehuslers.com online yoga, meditation and sound platform.
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