Ep4 of our mini-series in partnership with the V&A to celebrate their fantastic exhibition FOOD: Bigger than the Plate. Recorded live at the V&A museum, in this episode we chatted to artist Kathrin Böhm of Company Drinks about her part in the trading section of the exhibition. Company Drinks is a community enterprise in Barking & Dagenham in East London that brings people together to pick, process and produce drinks.  Visit the exhibition Listeners can get 40% off tickets to...
Published 08/23/19
Ep3 of our mini-series in partnership with the V&A to celebrate their fantastic exhibition FOOD: Bigger than the Plate. Recorded live at the V&A museum, in this episode we chatted to California-based artists Fallen Fruit - David Burns and Austin Young - about their part in the farming section of the exhibition. David and Austin make public art which explores the role of fruit in creating shared culture. By foraging depictions of fruit from the V&A's collection, they have created...
Published 08/15/19
Ep 2 of our mini-series in partnership with the V&A to celebrate their fantastic exhibition FOOD: Bigger than the Plate. In the grand setting of the V&A we chatted to Fernando Laposse about his part in the exhibition - Totomoxtle, a new veneer material made with husks of heirloom Mexican corn. Visit the exhibition https://www.vam.ac.uk/whatson Listeners can get 40% off tickets to the exhibition using promo code: FOOD40   @fernandolaposse @vamuseum
Published 08/09/19
Self-confessed veg nerd, Guy Singh-Watson has, over the last 30 years, taken Riverford from one man and a wheelbarrow delivering homegrown organic veg to friends, to a national veg box scheme delivering to around 50,000 customers a week. This episode is a deep dive into the trials and tribulations of producing organic food, modern farming and what it's like to deal with selling fruit and veg to supermarkets.
Published 08/02/19
Ben set up E5 Bakehouse in 2011, initially baking sourdough in the pizza oven of a local restaurant in the mornings before they opened. We talk to Ben about his mission to revive the lost art of baking using traditional techniques, natural ingredients and forgotten flours. We learn about their famous sourdough and hear about how they are developing an agroforestry arable farm in Suffolk with a focus on making the transition to a diversified farming system, and localised supply chain for bread.
Published 07/19/19
In May, we collaborated with writer Rosie Sykes and historian Polly Russell to create a special dinner for the opening of the Eat Cambridge Food Festival. The evening included a food history talk by Polly Russell and a delicious feast cooked by Itamar, Sarit and Rosie, and inspired by an extraordinary royal medieval manuscript. In this episode we hear Polly tells us about the magnificent scroll, The Forme of Cury, which inspired the epic feast and all the best things about a medieval banquet.
Published 07/12/19
Dale and Sarah founded Bermondsey Street Bees, a sustainable beekeeping practice and artisan honey business, in 2007 with just eight hives on the rooftop of their Victorian warehouse on Bermondsey Street in London. Every honey produced by Bermondsey Street Bees is single-source and raw, preserving all of the nutritional benefits. We chat to Dale and Sarah about how they keep their bees, the difference in quality from mass-produced industrial honey and the fascinating history of honey.
Published 07/05/19
Founded in 2002 in an old butcher’s shop in Hackney from which they take their name, our friends at Climpson & Sons source, roast and craft the finest coffees in London. They have supplied us with the most delicious coffee since the very early days of Honey & Co. We will talk to Danny Davis and Matt Randell about how they find the best coffee beans around the world, how to ensure consistent flavour and quality, and demystify all the different brewing options available to us.
Published 06/21/19
Ep1 of a mini-series in partnership with the V&A to celebrate their fantastic new exhibition, FOOD: Bigger than the Plate. The exhibition looks at how innovative individuals, communities and organisations are radically re-inventing how we grow, distribute and experience food. Sarit and Itamar chat with curators Catherine Flood and May Rosenthal Sloan and meet some of the exhibitors. We'll be hosting live podcast recordings at the V&A on 25th June and 29th July. Get tickets:...
Published 06/17/19
Martin and Maggie of Mother's Garden have been farming arbequina olives and living an adventure in the Priorat mountains of Catalonia, south of Barcelona, since January 2001. Their cold-pressed oil is a lively, delicate and fresh olive oil and unlike any other we have tried. Martin tells us about their journey to the farm, how olive oil is produced and how we can choose the best olive oil.
Published 06/07/19
Joanna Brennan co-founded Pump Street Bakery with her father in the village of Orford in Suffolk. After mastering the art of naturally-leavened bread, they ventured into making chocolate from beans imported directly from single estates and cooperatives around the world. We talk to Joanna about the obsessive care and attention to detail that goes into the roasting profile of each bean and how each stage requires a careful eye, and nose. Chocoholics and others alike, this one's for you!
Published 05/24/19
This episode is all about butter; how to make it, how should we eat it and why is it yellow? We are joined by butter aficionados Grant Harrington of Ampersand Cultured Butter and food writer, Eve Hemingway. After working in fine-dining, Grant was inspired to learn more about traditional butter-making. He set up shop and now makes butter that is unlike anything we’ve tried before; rich, dense and creamy. Food writer Eve Hemingway helps us to delve deep into the history and culture of butter...
Published 05/10/19
In series 5 of Honey & Co: The Food Talks we are meeting producers, growers and makers who create some of the essential ingredients cooking. The people you’re going to hear from, supply us, inspire us and improve our cooking. We hope you’ll have fun geeking out with us about all things butter, chocolate, coffee, bread, fruit & veg, olive oil and of course... honey. Enjoy!
Published 05/03/19
Michael Rakowitz, Iraqi-American artist of Fourth Plinth commission 'The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist' and author of upcoming cookbook A House With A Date Palm Will Never Starve, to be released in the summer of 2019. Rakowitz’s Lamassu is made from empty tins of Iraqi date syrup, alluding to the fact that historical monuments are not the only thing destroyed by war; they also decimate local economies, including the industry for date syrup which collapsed as a result of the war.
Published 02/15/19
Rosemary Shrager, celebrity chef, cookery school doyenne and author of Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery Course: 150 tried and tested recipes to be a better cook. Rosemary Shrager has recently appeared on popular television series The Real Marigold Hotel and is an acclaimed cookery teacher with her own school, Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery School. She came to talk to us about her experiences in cookery teaching, how she adapts recipes from her travels and all the bizarre encounters she has had along...
Published 02/01/19
Nik is a writer, photographer, and recipe developer behind the critically acclaimed blog, A Brown Table. We chatted to him after a special event cooked by us from Nik’s book – Season: Big Flavours, Beautiful Food. Nik's recipes take a journey all the way from India by way of the American South to California. He talked to us about his childhood food in India, how he uses his scientific skills in cooking and why he took basmati rice to his in-laws' house.
Published 01/18/19
Niki’s first book The Flavour Thesaurus, published in 2011, examines why one flavour works with another and looks at how to pair your ingredients from traditional combinations such as pork & apple and interesting but unlikely-sounding couples. Niki’s inspiring new book, Lateral Cooking, grew out of the experiments with flavour combinations that went into her bestselling debut. We spoke to her about her path into food writing, how she developed the categories and her no-churn lemon ice cream
Published 01/04/19
Anissa Helou is a chef, food writer, and journalist with an unparalleled knowledge of the culinary heritage of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and North Africa , author of FEAST: Food of the Islamic World. She talks to us about the major task of covering the entire Islamic World in a cookbook, how she gathered a comprehensive collection of the finest and most flavourful recipes from her time living and travelling widely in the region, and how to eat a camel hump.
Published 12/21/18
Asma Khan has royal Mughali ancestry and grew up in a palace with 20 cooks. After gaining a PHD, she set up a supper club in her home in Kensington. Lovingly recreating Indian food from family recipes that go back generations, her cooking drew much acclaim and led to a permanent restaurant in central London, Darjeeling Express. We talked about filming for Chef's Table and her Second Daughters Fund which supports the often neglected and disadvantaged second daughter in the Darjeeling town of...
Published 12/07/18
Caroline Eden is a writer specialising in the former Soviet Union. Over the past decade she has filed stories from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. She came to talk about her book 'Black Sea: Dispatches and Recipes – Through Darkness and Light' is the tale of a journey between three great cities. We listened to Caroline’s stories of the remarkable individuals she met such as the last fisherwoman of Bulgaria and the inspiring meals that she ate on the way.
Published 11/23/18
After working in some of London’s best-loved restaurants, Max Halley realised that the sandwich, humanity’s greatest invention, was due a renaissance. In 2015 Max opened Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch End, London. He features creations such as the Ham, Egg ‘N’ Chips: slow-cooked ham hock, fried egg, piccalilli, shoe string fries and malt vinegar mayo. We talked about his sandwich philosophy, what's wrong with sourdough and the best things to blend into mayonnaise.
Published 11/09/18
Anja Dunk was born in Wales to a German mother and a Welsh father. Her childhood was spent predominantly in Wales but also in Germany and South East Asia, where she moved to and from over the early years of her life. Her love of food started at home but has grown since working in cafes and restaurants over the years. Anja spoke to us about her wonderful new book Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings, proving that there is more to German food than Bratwurst and Black Forest gateau.
Published 10/26/18
Sybil Kapoor's new book, Sight Smell Touch Taste Sound, uses cleverly simplified kitchen theory and a selection of tempting recipes to reveal how we can unlock the power of our five senses and take our cooking to the next level. Sybil talked to us about the important differences between: Taste, Flavour (smell), Texture (touch and sound), Temperature (touch) and Appearance. She also told us all about her life in the world of food from London to New York and back again.
Published 10/12/18
Russell has built a life and career out of his love for the north Italian city of Venice. In his latest book he returns to the city to immerse himself in the authentic flavours of the region and the culinary traditions of the city throughout the seasons. We talk about the rare and intimate glimpse into the life of the city, its hidden architectural gems, its secret places, its embedded history, the colour and bustle of daily life, and the food merchants and growers who make Venice so...
Published 09/28/18
Honey & Co's: The Food Talks are back with a new series! Series 4: so much more than a cookbook is set to be a great one. In this series we are going to focus on books that are more than a collection of recipes: books that challenge what we cook and how we cook it. We will talk to artists, journalists, restaurateurs, professional chefs and home cooks, all as curious and as hungry as we are. Sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media to be the first to book tickets for...
Published 09/24/18