Mad God Pretentious Review Sneak Peak
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Mad God is the new Phil Tippett stop motion animation movie available exclusively on Shudder. In this Patreon only review, we talk a lot about this movie and what we loved and hated about it. To support our show and gain access to the following Patreon only Pretentious reviews, support us on Patreon! Movies you can only hear us review on Patreon: * Mad God (2022)* The Vanishing* Cat People (1942)* Zombie (1979)* Cemetery Man (1994)* Psycho* The Last House on the Left (1972)* Don't Look Now* The Void* Hausu (House)* Ghoulies* Greenland* Army of the Dead* Cabin in the Woods* Dead Alive / Braindead* Basket Case
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