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We watched Dashcam on Hulu and got treated to the best 67 minutes of comedy laced terror wrapped in found footage goodness since Creep. @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork. Follow him and check out his website. https://youtu.be/uOqHr1bC7iw Synopsis Annie Hardy is the talented host of her own stream called Band Car. Band Car is the internet's #1 live improvised music show broadcast from a moving vehicle.  Annie raps to a beat while spouting what lots of Americans today would consider risque truths mixed with conspiracy theories.  In an effort to escape the insanity of a divided America, Annie heads across the pond to visit her former band mate, Stretch. Unfortunately, Annie and Stretch get into a fight because his girlfriend is a stuck up prude, and Annie takes Band Car on the road in Stretch’s stolen car. Things start to get weird when Annie picks up a sick woman named Angela.  Everyone get’s more mask mandates than they bargained for. Review Dashcam is the second found footage horror movie by Rob Savage, who in 2020 brought us Host. Fortunately, this time Rob had the foresight to cast Annie Hardy to play the role of his main character, Annie Hardy. Annie is probably the most entertaining actress I’ve ever seen. She is clever, talented, complicated, a little crazy, and totally hilarious. Dashcam is carried almost entirely by Annie and her improvised streamer banter and b******t. Watch DashcamBuy or Rent on AmazonClick here to Watch What Annie doesn’t shoulder, is the completely insane pacing and action of this movie. Every five minutes we find ourselves in someplace new fighting off an escalating array of horror and insanity. As we delve deeper into the terror, we find ourselves asking, “How can it get more crazy than this?” A word to the wise, you should probably buckle up, because it gets crazier! This year we’ve been blessed with tons of great horror movies, and Dashcam is one of the best.  Score 9/10
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