Maid of Honor - S2 E8
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Kristen Ender and Jennifer Kesse were instant friends when they met as freshmen at the University of Central Florida. Kristen speaks about life without Jennifer, whom she listed in memoriam as “Maid of Honor” at her wedding.  FNI Season 1 - The Derby City Betrayal
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From false confessions to a possible sighting of Jennifer in Mexico, the Kesse family speaks about the dead-end leads over the years. Despite their nightmare, Drew and Joyce Kesse take some comfort in Jennifer’s legacy: a new law in her honor with far-reaching consequences for missing young...
Published 11/11/20
Tami Valadez, who lived at “Mosaic at Millenia” three years after Jennifer, speaks about disturbing incidents inside her home and claims she was the victim of a sexual crime. FNI Season 1 - The Derby City Betrayal
Published 11/11/20
In an unprecedented move for a missing person case, Drew and Joyce Kesse sue the Orlando Police Department for all the records in their daughter’s investigation. The files are rich in information, detailing a cast of people interviewed by police in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance. FNI...
Published 11/11/20