Wakelet's Digital Learning Specialist Tisha Poncio joins the show!
Published 07/18/21
Summer is the perfect time to relax and explore #edtech tools.
Published 06/20/21
Thank you for the continued support as I prepare for my surgery on June 16th to have a small tumor removed from my foot. I'm all healed up from the allergic reaction I had to the MRI contrast so that has been a relief. I will certainly keep you posted as I have throughout this process and I ask that you take a moment and think of me on June 16th. #EdTech Thought I recorded some thoughts while watching my boys at running camp. It was a beautiful day and I share my thoughts on appreciation...
Published 06/06/21
Blended Learning is a mixture of learning methods that incorporate multiple teaching modals–most frequently digital and traditional face-to-face learning.
Published 05/23/21
I have screwed up and failed so many times you might wonder how I am even still here after I share some stories from the last 40 years. And that's what I am going to do. I have some stories I want to share and I believe through my experiences you will be entertained and educated.
Published 04/27/21
Nate Nagele returns to reflect on 2020 and what we would do differently.
Published 04/11/21
The road to the 2021 #EdTech Final Four ends here.
Published 03/28/21
It's been one year since the world changed. Time to reflect.
Published 03/14/21
Create. Communicate. Collaborate. Critical Thinking.
Published 02/28/21
Clubhouse Tips for Teachers
Published 02/14/21
How do we get rid of the fence that obstructs the view of progress in education?
Published 01/31/21
Do we still need edtech coaches? Are edtech coaches respected?
Published 01/10/21
Listeners share the #edtech they loved in 2020. Co-hosted by Derek Larson.
Published 12/20/20
Katie McNamara shares insight into her many roles as a passionate school librarian.
Published 12/06/20
ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (December 5, 2020)
Published 12/06/20
ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (December 4, 2020)
Published 12/05/20
ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (December 3, 2020)
Published 12/04/20
ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (December 2, 2020)
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ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (December 1, 2020)
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ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (November 30, 2020)
Published 12/01/20
ISTE 2020 Daily Recap Show (November 29, 2020)
Published 11/30/20
20+ Tips to Engage Your Virtual/Remote/Hybrid Learners.
Published 11/22/20
Derek Larson explains and discusses the value of digital citizenship #DIGCIT
Published 11/01/20
Derek Larson speaks with edtech guru Jared Covili from Utah.
Published 10/18/20
Derek Larson fills in and asks, "What if we wrote a gratitude letter to one of our colleagues?"
Published 10/04/20