HPP054 - Black Cat Brings the Bad Luck to her Enemies
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In this Episode, Will is joined by Nate to discuss the recently revealed Black Cat, the Kraven Panel-to-Play and the TTS Season 5.  The guys breakdown the Black Cat card and talk about whether or not her Auto-Stagger for 2 power is right in line or too strong.  The gang also discusses was to get her the power to maximize her effectiveness without her having to get dazed.  They also talk about the beginning of the Season 5 TTS league and how it's Will vs Nate in round 1!  Who do you think will win!?  Enjoy! We have a Patreon Connect with us on Facebook @housepartyprotocol Discord - HPP_Greg or HPP_Will Email us - housepartyprotocolpod@gmail.com The Gamer's Guild Blacksitestudio.com - HOUSEPARTY15 War Colours BATerrain - Joshua Russell
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